Human Health

Resource Year Topic
Development and evaluation of a culturally tailored online nutrition education program targeting fish consumption among Hispanic adults
Eating fish is a healthy choice, but those who need it most may not be getting the nutritional education to help them benefit from seafood diets.
2022-2023 Human Health
Pathogen Identification
Identification of endemic lineages of Vibrio parahaemolyticus causing regional outbreaks and their occurrence in New Hampshire shellfish waters.
2014-2015 Aquaculture, Genetics, Human Health
Health Risk from Vibrios
This project focuses on improving assessment of public health risk associated with climate induced changes in pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus …
2016-2017 Human Health
Vibrio virulence in shellfish
This project is about examining the impact of phage on enhanced virulence and population expansion of non-native Vibrio parahaemolyticus into…
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Fisheries, Human Health
eDNA Estuarine Monitoring
This project will design and implement a pilot eDNA monitoring program in N.H. streams and estuaries.
2018-2019 Genetics, Human Health, Innovative Technology