UNH Partnerships

aerial photo of UNH's iconic Thompson Hall with flagpole, surrounding buildings, and green trees

New Hampshire Sea Grant's work supports the entire state of New Hampshire and our partnerships and collaborations extend widely. Based at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), we receive critical support from our UNH partners and are well-positioned to leverage our university relationships to advance mutual goals.

UNH Office of Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach

The UNH Office of Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach (REEO) provides leadership and services to support research and scholarly work, facilitates cooperation with businesses, and communicates the scope and impact of UNH research. Administratively, NH Sea Grant is positioned in REEO to allow for the kinds of multidisciplinary, cross-college, cross-department work that are central to the Sea Grant mission and strategic priorities.

UNH REEO website

UNH Cooperative Extension

NH Sea Grant’s partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension is a natural one. Both are committed to using science-based information to strengthen communities, improve people’s lives and manage natural resources. UNH Extension specialists and program leaders are embedded within NH Sea Grant where they work with citizens and scientists on the most pressing issues facing coastal communities. They work side-by-side with fishermen to improve gear and open new markets, they meet with community leaders to facilitate planning and adapt to a changing climate, they train volunteers to collect data and restore critical coastal habitats, and they inspire multiple generations through education and outreach to be good stewards of the sea and land. For over 100 years, collaborative partnerships like this have enabled UNH Extension to make a lasting impact in the Granite State.

UNH Extension website

UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

NH Sea Grant’s partnership with the UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SMSOE) began before the official formation of the School, at a time UNH marine and coastal science efforts were grouped under the UNH Marine Program. SMSOE is UNH's first "interdisciplinary school," designed to address today’s highly complex ocean and coastal challenges through integrated graduate education, research, and engagement. As such, it serves as an interdisciplinary nexus for marine science and ocean engineering teaching and research across the university. NH Sea Grant's environmental literacy and workforce development focus area, in particular, has many shared goals and activities that complement SMSOE's education mission. NH Sea Grant staff, funded researchers, and programs benefit greatly from SMSOE's coastal, marine, and estuarine research facilities.