• Two women dressed warmly stand in shallow ocean water while one woman holds a blade of kelp between her outstretched hands.

    Seaweed Mania! workshops are back. Join us in the kitchen and in the field to learn how to forage and prepare these seaweed superfoods.

  • Photos of people on a boat examining fishing equipment, next to photo of man sitting next to fern inside.

    Erik Chapman has been appointed the new full-time Director of NHSG. Congratulations, Erik!

  • Green vegetation and rocks on an island with a view of the harbor and some boats.

    Our Acting Director Erik Chapman weighs in on the potential implications of offshore drilling, particularly on the fishing and tourism economies.

  • Bright orange soft-bodied blob creature among seaweed and rocks underwater.

    NHSG-funded research indicates that warmer ocean temperatures will accelerate reproduction in an invasive tunicate species in the Gulf of Maine.

  • Sunny, cold day on a frozen salt marsh.

    Research funded in part by N.H. Sea Grant indicates climate change could accelerate by mid-century.

Coastal Science for the Granite State

Coastal and marine resources are experiencing unprecedented stresses. Increasing coastal populations, development pressure and habitat loss, commercial fishing pressure, polluted runoff and invasive species all threaten the 95,000 miles of U.S. coastline. Sea Grant works to address these issues through research, education and outreach.

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