Fisheries Roundtable Series

Two fishing boats float on a dark blue ocean under a sunrise with blue clouds

The Fisheries Roundtable Series is a set of dynamic, discussion-based sessions about issues facing the New Hampshire fishing industry, including but not limited to offshore wind energy development, bait shortages, marine mammal interactions, and current industry research.

The topics are informed by roundtable participants and an industry-composed steering committee. Sessions occur in-person at various spaces along the NH Seacoast, and virtual participation needs can be accomodated.  


Upcoming Fisheries Roundtable Session

To be announced 

If you would like to suggest a topic, please reach out the contacts below.

Past Fisheries Roundtable Sessions

The Responsible Offshore Development Alliance’s (RODA) Fisheries Knowledge Trust with Fiona Hogan
Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH — Thursday, February 22, 2024 — 5pm - 7pm
In-person participation only, please reach out if you would like to request a virtual participation option.

Learn about the Fisheries Knowledge Trust: the first industry-owned platform where fishermen can aggregate, secure, and share the knowledge they collect about our oceans into a standardized, accessible repository. Unlike ad hoc efforts to collect data, the Trust is built on the principals of ownership, economic self-interest and reciprocity. It uses a combination of technology and governance procedures to ensure that contributors have the confidence they need that their data will remain secure while ensuring data users that the information is accurate. Fishermen will also share in the value of the information they provide.

Notes to come

FishFlOW IEA: Fisheries and Floating Offshore Wind Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) for the Gulf of Maine


A Fishing Community Dialogue on Values and Impacts of Change in the Gulf of Maine


Panelists: Merlin Jackson & Colin Warwick 



Looking for more information on offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Maine? Click here

Panelists: Chris Williams & Mark Sanborn 


Looking for more information on offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Maine? Click here


Gabriela Bradt, Ph.D. 
Fisheries Extension Specialist

Katy Bland 
Engagement & Research Associate