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Our funded research projects and development projects span a wide range of topics that interest and benefit New Hampshire residents and their environment. Find projects that interest or relate to you below by topic.

Resource Category Topic
Alewife Population
Alewife Population Assessment and Aquaculture
2012-2013 Aquaculture, Fisheries
Alternative Seafood Marketing
Matching Alternative Marketing Opportunities with the N.H. Commercial Fishing Industry's Alternative Marketing Capacity
2012-2013 Fisheries
Buy Out or Build Back? (regional)
Buy out or build back? A comparative assessment of approaches to employing public funding to vulnerable coastal properties in the Northeastern United…
Catch Share Management (regional)
Social and economic impact assessment of catch share management in the Northeast multispecies fishery.
Clam Leukemia
Gene expression during development of clam leukemia: interactive effects of temperature and ocean acidification on viral loading and onset of disease
2014-2015 Fisheries, Genetics
Development and evaluation of a culturally tailored online nutrition education program targeting fish consumption among Hispanic adults
Eating fish is a healthy choice, but those who need it most may not be getting the nutritional education to help them benefit from seafood diets.
2022-2023 Human Health
Diversifying the New England Sea Vegetable Aquaculture Industry – Phase II: Line Seeding Technology and Grow-out Trials for Longline Nori Production
Seaweed aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine has exploded in the last ten years, but is based on a single species. This project seeks to diversify the…
2022-2023 Aquaculture
Drivers of coastal flooding and storm surge at a tidal marsh
Understanding how sea-level rise will affect coastal communities in New Hampshire is key to forming a plan to combat future risks to property and…
2020-2021 Coastal Resilience, Flooding, Innovative Technology, Wetlands
Dune Systems
This project looks at the question of New Hampshire being ready to build resilient coasts.
2016-2017 Coastal Resilience, Restoration
eDNA Estuarine Monitoring
This project will design and implement a pilot eDNA monitoring program in N.H. streams and estuaries.
2018-2019 Genetics, Human Health, Innovative Technology
Environmental Literacy
This project focuses on capitalizing on digital tools to expand environmental literacy around coastal resources.
2016-2017 Education, Innovative Technology
Evaluating Adaptation Strategies (regional)
Climate change adaptation and ecosystem service resilience in Northeast coastal communities: quantifying economic values and tradeoffs for regional…
Factors influencing PFAS bioaccumulation and biomagnification in marine food webs associated with AFFF sources in a New England estuary
Attention and concern have increasingly grown around PFAS, and little is known about how it accumulates in seafood.
2022-2023 Water Quality and Safety
Fish nutrients and contaminates
This project is looking at reducing risk and enhancing benefits of fish consumption by understanding relationships for mercury, arsenic, selenium,…
2018-2019 Fisheries
Great Bay Sediments
What happens to the nutrients that have accumulated in the sediments of the Great Bay? Quantifying nutrient release and removal due to diffusion and…
2014-2015 Water Quality and Safety
Hazards and Housing Values (regional)
Coastal hazards and Northeast housing values: comparative implications for climate change adaptation and community resilience.
Health Risk from Vibrios
This project focuses on improving assessment of public health risk associated with climate induced changes in pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus …
2016-2017 Human Health
Jonah crab fishery
This project is evaluating growth and sustainable harvesting practices for Jonah crabs in New England waters.
2018-2019 Fisheries
Lamprey River Flood Damage
Analysis and communications of flood damage cost avoidance in the Lamprey River watershed of New Hampshire.
2014-2015 Coastal Resilience, Flooding
Legal Analysis of MSP (regional)
The governance role of local authorities in marine spatial planning: a legal assessment of prospects and problems.