Resource Year Topic
Promoting the sustainability of New Hampshire oyster aquaculture by improving pathogenic Vibrio management tools and contingencies
Though infections by the bacterium Vibrio parahaemolyticus have increased in the Northeast, New Hampshire and Maine have avoided any Vibrio-linked…
2022-2023 Aquaculture
Diversifying the New England Sea Vegetable Aquaculture Industry – Phase II: Line Seeding Technology and Grow-out Trials for Longline Nori Production
Seaweed aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine has exploded in the last ten years, but is based on a single species. This project seeks to diversify the…
2022-2023 Aquaculture
Team LuMP — Lumpfish Mapping Project
Lumpfish are a species that may become economically important in aquaculture and offer a unique opportunity to understand climate change in the Gulf…
2022-2023 Aquaculture
Alewife Population
Alewife Population Assessment and Aquaculture
2012-2013 Aquaculture, Fisheries
Pathogen Identification
Identification of endemic lineages of Vibrio parahaemolyticus causing regional outbreaks and their occurrence in New Hampshire shellfish waters.
2014-2015 Aquaculture, Genetics, Human Health
Nori Production
Diversifying the New England sea vegetable aquaculture industry: modification of kelp nursery and grow-out technology for nori production.
2014-2015 Aquaculture
Wastes-to-resources aquaculture
This project is about improving the economic sustainability of Northeast aquaculture using a wastes-to-resources approach via integrated farming…
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Innovative Technology
Vibrio virulence in shellfish
This project is about examining the impact of phage on enhanced virulence and population expansion of non-native Vibrio parahaemolyticus into…
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Fisheries, Human Health
Characterizing the genetic stock structure of striped bass to improve marine culture and inform fishery management
This project is about characterizing the genetic stock structure of striped bass to improve marine culture and inform fishery management.
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Fisheries, Genetics