Resource Year Topic
Understanding differential climatic and exploitative impacts on two Atlantic cod stocks in the western Gulf of Maine
Recent updates to the Atlantic Cod management strategy reflect the complex structure of our local cod populations, breaking the U.S. cod stocks into…
2024-2025 Fisheries
Temporal dynamics of phytoplankton populations in coastal NH
Phytoplankton – microscopic marine algae that live in our oceans and photosynthesize like plants – are the food that fuels all marine ecosystems.…
2022-2023 Fisheries
Lobster Recruitment and Retention
Recruitment and Retention of Lobsters in a New England Estuary
2012-2013 Fisheries
Alternative Seafood Marketing
Matching Alternative Marketing Opportunities with the N.H. Commercial Fishing Industry's Alternative Marketing Capacity
2012-2013 Fisheries
Alewife Population
Alewife Population Assessment and Aquaculture
2012-2013 Aquaculture, Fisheries
Clam Leukemia
Gene expression during development of clam leukemia: interactive effects of temperature and ocean acidification on viral loading and onset of disease
2014-2015 Fisheries, Genetics
Value of estuaries to rainbow smelt in New Hampshire
Through experimental larval release, acoustic telemetry, and otolith microchemistry, a team of researchers led by Nathan Furey at the University of…
2020-2021 Fisheries
Vibrio virulence in shellfish
This project is about examining the impact of phage on enhanced virulence and population expansion of non-native Vibrio parahaemolyticus into…
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Fisheries, Human Health
Characterizing the genetic stock structure of striped bass to improve marine culture and inform fishery management
This project is about characterizing the genetic stock structure of striped bass to improve marine culture and inform fishery management.
2018-2019 Aquaculture, Fisheries, Genetics
Seabirds as Indicators of New Hampshire's Fisheries
Having accurate data about fish populations is vital to managing a fishery, but getting that data for younger, smaller fish using traditional…
2020-2021 Fisheries