Marine Docent Virtual Resources for K-12

Attention teachers: Discover resources you can take into your classroom! Created by our UNH Marine Docent SeaTrek Teams, these virtual resources contain many elements that we cover at in-person SeaTreks and some exclusive to video format.

Stand-alone Videos

Here are examples of short, stand-alone videos about single topics or concepts. Feel free to incorporate these into your classroom lesson plan. You can find more of our videos on the UNH Marine Docents YouTube Channel

Pressure Chamber Compression

Learn about Flounder

SCUBA Dive in an Eelgrass Meadow

SCUBA Dive Around a Lighthouse

SCUBA SeaTrek Video Series

What equipment do SCUBA diver's use? How do divers stay warm underwater? How does enough air fit in a diver's tank? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our 8-part SCUBA SeaTrek video series created by UNH Marine Docents volunteers Dennis Chasteen and Mike O'Keefe. All videos are available on our YouTube Channel, or you can use the links below:

Virtual Programs

Our virtual programs incorporate video, slides, and hands-on or question-and-answer activities about a topic. 

SCUBA Diving

Aimed for a middle school audience, this program can be adapted to high school/adult and elementary levels.

Concepts covered:

  • Boyle's Law
  • Compression of gases versus liquid
  • Effect of pressure and depth
  • Buoyancy and Archimedes principle
  • Heat Transfer
  • Hypothermia

Teachers can choose from multiple topics: dive experience at Nubble Light or through eelgrass, diver equipment, buoyancy, air supply, thermal protection, pressure.


This program is geared for 3rd through 6th graders and includes hands-on activities for your classroom.

Topics covered:

  • Cetacean overview
  • Thermoregulation
  • Echolocation
  • Feeding behaviors

Teachers can select from the individual topics for classroom or virtual program delivery.

For access to Virtual Programs, please let us know! You will receive access to the sections you request for a 6-month time window.

Virtual Program Request

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