Resource Year Topic
Shoreline Hardening (regional)
Social and ecological factors influencing shoreline hardening in the Northeast: implications for vulnerability, resilience and informed decision…
Hazards and Housing Values (regional)
Coastal hazards and Northeast housing values: comparative implications for climate change adaptation and community resilience.
Buy Out or Build Back? (regional)
Buy out or build back? A comparative assessment of approaches to employing public funding to vulnerable coastal properties in the Northeastern United…
Road Infrastructure
Climate Adaptation for road infrastructure in coastal New Hampshire
2014-2015 Climate, Coastal Resilience, Flooding
Pathogen Identification
Identification of endemic lineages of Vibrio parahaemolyticus causing regional outbreaks and their occurrence in New Hampshire shellfish waters.
2014-2015 Aquaculture, Genetics, Human Health
Nori Production
Diversifying the New England sea vegetable aquaculture industry: modification of kelp nursery and grow-out technology for nori production.
2014-2015 Aquaculture
Lamprey River Flood Damage
Analysis and communications of flood damage cost avoidance in the Lamprey River watershed of New Hampshire.
2014-2015 Coastal Resilience, Flooding
Great Bay Sediments
What happens to the nutrients that have accumulated in the sediments of the Great Bay? Quantifying nutrient release and removal due to diffusion and…
2014-2015 Water Quality and Safety
Clam Leukemia
Gene expression during development of clam leukemia: interactive effects of temperature and ocean acidification on viral loading and onset of disease
2014-2015 Fisheries, Genetics