8 volunteers from the UNH Marine Docent Class of 2021-2022 stands behind their graduation cake

After training from September through April, a new class of UNH Marine Docents officially graduated last month during a long-awaited, in-person gathering on April 28, 2022. The UNH Marine Docent Program is a volunteer-based marine science education effort managed jointly by NH Sea Grant and UNH Extension. Congratulations to the 8 members of the newest class of UNH Marine Docents! 

2021-2022 UNH Marine Docent Class

(pictured above)

Chris Baker 
David Belak 
Rich Clyborne 
Donna Harlan 
Beverly Loomis 
Stephen Mattin 
JB Parrett 
Brenda Songer 

Thank you to all Marine Docents for your hard work educating the public about marine science topics while keeping it fun for all involved!

If becoming a UNH Marine Docent interests you, please fill out our online Docent Application Form and we’ll notify you with details about joining our upcoming Information Session in August. There is no obligation to enroll in the Marine Docent program if you fill out the form or attend the Information Session.

Marine Docent volunteers earn special recognition for every five years of service with the UNH Marine Docent Program. The following individuals received recognition this year: 

5 years 

Erin Asselin 
Lila Asselin 
Dave Canedy 
Cheri Dennett 
Ron Fortier 
Gary Grashow 
Lisa Grashow 
Nancy Houlihan 
Teri Hurley 
Len Rochette 
Katherine Rollins 
Susan Sanderson 
Susan Stewart 
Ute Tellini 
Steve Yevich 

10 years 

Alan Beede 
Laura Byergo 
Heather Froumy 
Megan Glenn 
Laura Hardesty 
Ruth Kane 
Susan Kaufmann 
Richard Kelly 
Claire Manes 
Kathy Rockwood 

15 years 

Angela Hiley 

20 years 

Wendy Beagen 
Renae Broderick 
Pat de Beer 
Charlotte Fardelmann 
Bill Kath 
Julie Kath 
Bob Moynihan 
Linda Schier 
Arnie Silverstone 

25 years 

John Adams 
Barbara Corbett 
Brian Jervis 
Carla Marvin 
Paula Merritt 

The Marine Docent Program also recognizes volunteers for special, annual awards:

New Kid on the Block 

The recipient of this award is nominated by their peers and awarded to a Docent who has been with the program for less than 5 years and has contributed significantly to the program in behind-the-scenes planning, in-person involvement, or willingness to step into any role that’s needed.  

This year’s award goes to Alice Moriarty, Class of 2020. Alice jumped right in and helped plan our first virtual 2020 Holiday Celebration and Silent Auction. She is currently an instrumental leader in our Summer Library Reading Program, working with libraries to schedule and confirm our Marine Docent visits to libraries throughout the state. 

Silver Oyster  

The Silver Oyster award is considered a “career” award that is bestowed once in a Docent career. It celebrates a career of “above and beyond the call of duty,” extraordinary commitment and performance as a Docent. Accordingly, a Docent needs to be in the program a minimum of 5 years to be considered for the award. The recipient of this award is nominated by their peers and should clearly stand out in their activity level, contributions, and impact.  

This year’s award goes to Barbara Dion, Class of 2015. Barb is the leader of the Marine Mammal SeaTrek Team, Hospitality Committee, and the new Summer Library Reading Program. She was instrumental in creating digital resources for the Marine Mammal Team during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be a foundational member of our Marine Docent volunteer program. 


Barnacle pins are awarded to Marine Docents who have stuck with the program for over 20 years with continued contributions. 

This year’s recipients are Donna Melillo, Class of 1999, Edmund Chun-Taite, Class of 2001, Jack McDonough, Class of 2001, and Ann Beattie, Class of 2001. 

Director’s Award 

The Director’s award is selected by the Marine Docent Program Staff. The recipient of this award has demonstrated stand-out leadership and involvement throughout the past year.  

The recipient of this award is Angela Hiley, Class of 2007. Angela has been the chairperson for the Finance Committee, managing Docent Program finances. She encourages our program teams to upgrade their equipment to provide the best experience for our participants as well as manages the request and approval process. In addition to participating as a member of the Marine Mammal SeaTrek team, Angela also contributes to the Digital Docent Doings quarterly newsletter by writing in-depth, personal interviews about Marine Docents and Marine Docent Program history.  

Thank you to the Great Bay Discovery Center for graciously opening your doors to the Marine Docent Program for our annual "Swim-up" celebration.