Class of 2020-2021 new marine docent members

After months of training, a new class of UNH Marine Docents officially graduated during a virtual recognition ceremony on May 4, 2021. These new members participated in our first-ever virtual training sessions. Their continued engagement through the hours of screen time and Zoom meetings is a testament to their perseverance and dedication to our program. The UNH Marine Docent Program is a volunteer-based marine science education effort managed jointly by NH Sea Grant and UNH Extension. Congratulations to the 9 members of the newest class of UNH Marine Docents!

2020-2021 UNH Marine Docent Class

(pictured above)

Janet Brodeur 
Christine Campanella 
Kevin Ennis
Susan Feltus
Peter Howd
Steve McCarthy 
Alice Moriarty 
Karen Shields 
Joe St. Onge

Thank you to all Marine Docents for your hard work educating the public about marine science topics while keeping it fun for all involved!

If becoming a UNH Marine Docent interests you, please attend our Information Session on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. to be held virtually via Zoom. Fill out our online Docent Application Form and we’ll notify you with details about joining the Information Session in August. There is no obligation to enroll in the Marine Docent program if you fill out the form or attend the Information Session.

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Marine Docent volunteers earn special recognition for every five years of service with the UNH Marine Docent Program. The following individuals received recognition this year:

5 Years

Nancy Archibald
Deb Byers
Agatha Cote
Dane Drasher
Brandy Hardiman
Terry Lochhead
Marilyn MacIntosh
Mary Jo Martin
Dawn Sarette
Cameron Villnave
Tina Villnave

10 Years

Susan Dupuis
Beth Fischer
Lesley Gardner
David Hoyler
Jessie King
Vincent King
Jan Olmstead
Michael O’Sullivan
Jim Pollard
Amy Richards
Eric Schroeder
Michael Shea
Frank Stewart
Stephanie Stewart
Diana Yeames

15 Years

Linda Bieber
Dave Gibson
Mimi Sokol

20 Years

Ann Beattie
Ray Belles
Lindsay Carroll

Special "Paddles" Recognition

Special thanks to this group of Marine Docents for going the extra mile and providing “paddles” to move us through the uncharted waters of virtual programming in 2020-2021.

Denny Chasteen
Barb Dion
Kipp Freeman
Peter Howd
Dave Hoyler
Barb McGaughey
Francoise Morrison
Mike O'Keefe 
Jim Pollard
Paula Sonnino