Green Crab Working Summit

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Green Crab Fishery and Market Development to Mitigate the Impacts of an Invasive Species


Join us at O’Maine Studios this summer for the Green Crab Working Summit. The summit is designed for fishermen, chefs, consumers, anyone in the seafood industry, regulators, scientists and educators who have been thinking about, studying or already fishing for, or eating green crabs. Let’s come together to strategize on how to develop a viable fishery and markets for this invasive crab -- a delicious, plentiful and full of potential crustacean that is wreaking havoc economically and environmentally!

The two-day agenda will include speakers from chefs to educators to scientists, cooking demonstrations, round-table discussions, and opportunities to make connections and strategize. This summit is an excellent opportunity to learn from each other, network and strategize on how best to mitigate the impacts of this invader.


green crab
fried crab
Green crab dish

Photo by Jonathan Taggart

Green crab uni

Photo by Jamie Bassett (

June 6 - 7, 2018

Portland, ME

Summit presentations available soon!

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