2017 Doyle Fellows

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Erich Berghahn (UNH; Marine Biology)
Mentor: Michael Chambers, Aquaculture

Erich was in charge of the shrimp aquaculture system at UNH's Jackson Estuarine Lab, where he conducted water quality analyses, checked on the health and growth of the shrimp, calculated feed rations and maintained the culture system. He helped two other individuals learn how to set up this type of system for use in a local high school to teach students about aquaculture. Erich also provided tours of the shrimp system and helped with a shrimp taste test later in the summer.  

Trevor Burns (UNH; Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology)
Mentors: Alyson Eberhardt and Caitlin Mandeville, Coastal Research Volunteers

Trevor worked with Alyson and Caitlin on outreach and field work for several coastal research and habitat restoration projects, including oyster restoration in Great Bay and glass eel monitoring on the Oyster River in Durham. He produced a Story Map to communicate with stakeholders about the sand dune restoration activities carried out by the UNH Coastal Habitat Restoration Team in five NH and MA coastal communities.


Meghan Woods (UNH; Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology)
Mentor: Gabby Bradt, Fisheries

Meghan worked with Gabby to collect invasive green crabs in Great Bay and along the N.H. coast. Meghan monitored their morphological signs to determine when green crabs might molt in order to explore the feasibility of developing a softshell crab market. She also worked with Gabby to deliver newly molted green crabs to local chefs so they could test recipes using this species.