2013 Doyle Fellows

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Shea Flanagan (Dartmouth; Biology)
Mentor: Alyson Eberhardt, Coastal Ecosystems

Doyle Fellow, Shea FlanaganShea worked to support citizen science efforts through our Coastal Research Volunteer program during her fellowship. Her primary duties included training and supervising volunteers to collect data to assess the population of glass eels in the Oyster River. She also supported our citizen science efforts by drafting a volunteer recruiting plan. She participated in multiple, volunteer-based coastal research projects including oyster restoration and salt marsh monitoring. Shea also contributed to a regional early detection and rapid response plan for the Chinese mitten crab.

Katherine Rafuse (UNH; Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology)
Mentor: Erik Chapman, Commercial Fisheries

Katherine Rafuse 2013 FellowKat contributed to marine debris and local seafood marketing projects throughout her fellowship. She spent time with Gabby Bradt, assisting with fishing gear clean-ups on both boat- and land-based field days. She also assisted in planning and implementing two local seafood dinners; one dinner featured and raised awareness about local, soft-shell lobster and a second featured dogfish, an abundant yet undervalued and underutilized species available to N.H. fishermen. In a separate project, Kat collected data on sales by the Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative to two markets, one that sold the fish with traceability information provided to consumers and a second that did not. This project was intended to assess the value of markets that provide traceability information in delivering higher profits to vessels. The final project that Kat worked on involved her leading and developing a “traveling road-show” that provided information to consumers about local seafood at four farmers markets in the N.H. Seacoast. Kat also supported the efforts of N.H. Community Seafood, a community supported fishery that provides information about the local fishing industry and local seafood to consumers in the Seacoast, and distributed materials to local restaurants and markets about the local fishing industry. Read Katherine's fellowship blog, here.