We Come to You

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Our SeaTrek programs come to your location with supplies, activities, and sometimes, even a special guest. Choose from a wide variety of classes and activities on creatures, special programs, and our environment.

SeaTreks are 45-60 minute sessions that include PowerPoint presentations and student activities, presented at your location. The cost is $60 for the first session of a particular program and $40 for each additional session of the same program on the same day.

Bring the sea to your school!

Choose from our selection of SeaTrek Programs and our Marine Docents will be there for a special day of engaging, hands-on learning.

The cost of the Day of the Coast depends on the number of students and the number of programs involved.

SeaSpeaks are lecture-type programs with topics that appeal to our adult audiences. Using an engaging story-telling format, our UNH Marine Docents share their expertise, experience, and knowledge with many groups and organizations on the Seacoast. Get fully immersed in stories about animals, local history, boats & navigation, sight-seeing, and virtual cruises.

SeaSpeaks are $75 per presentation unless otherwise specified.

student learning about rainfall and watersheds
young girls holding a horseshoe crab
students looking at whale miniatures
Lecture to an adult audience
speaker in front of adult audience giving a lecture.