Docent Nomination

As a Marine Docent you are able to nominate your peers for recognition awards.
Please read through the award descriptions and nominate someone you feel deserves a huge "Thank You!"

This is also a time to recognize members of your SeaTrek team. Consider this past year, what your group has accomplished, where you're heading and who is instrumental in making that happen. Team leaders, please send Dari a message if you would like to present an award.

The Silver Oyster 

The Silver Oyster award is considered a “career” award that is bestowed once in a Docent career. It celebrates a career of “above and beyond the call of duty,” extraordinary commitment and performance as a Docent.

Accordingly, a Docent needs to be in the program a minimum of 5 years to be considered for the award. Nominees should clearly stand out in their activity level, contributions, and impact.

The Plunger Award

The UNH Marine Docent “plunger” is an award given to a Docent who has done something outstanding to “unstick” the program. The definition of “unsticking” the program varies year to year, but usually involves some contribution that is not necessarily programmatic, but logistical or planning related, that really helps the program move forward.

Nominees should have provided such a service that represents a significant contribution with obvious impacts.

If you would like to nominate a fellow Docent for a Team Award or for something that you feel deserves recognition, please select the "Other" option below with a brief explanation.

Thank you for your valuable input!

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