Transporting & Finishing the Boat

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Your boat fits in the bed of a pickup truck, on a small trailer, or even on top of a car with a roof rack. With the floor boards, seat, and spars removed (no tools required) the boat is light enough for two adults to install car-top. Even fully rigged it can be carried a short distance to the water.

To transport by car top you will need a pair of 5ft-long 2x4's tied to the roof rack to span the beam of the boat. We purchased a small boat trailer for about $325.

You must make provision to take the boat home at the end of construction on Sunday (the last day of the build). The shed will be returned to the farm equipment normally housed there on Monday.

Be prepared to transport the boat to Mendums Pond for your free sailing lesson in June (usually 2-3 weeks after building).

Applying the Finish

You are free to finish the boat in any way that pleases you. We provide a recommended procedure and list of products to protect and beautify the boat. Several coats of paint, varnish, or polyurethane are required to provide the protection your work of art deserves. But, don't get carried away. This is not a piano, but a hard working craft that should get its share of fish bait, sand, and grit.

Plan to spend at least $100 and at least a week prepping and painting. It is time consuming, but worth the time, money, and effort. And, everyone can pitch in, continuing the family bonding. Everyone knows how to sand and paint.

You will want to have the boat looking good for the first sail in June (usually 2-3 weeks after building). But, even if you aren't finished, don't miss the chance to take the sailing lesson! You can complete the finish-work after the lesson.