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"The Amazing Octopus"
Audience: Kindergarten, Elementary
Length: 45 minutes

Image of blue spotted octopus.

Did you know that octopuses are masters of camouflage, able to change their color, shape, and texture in the blink of an eye? They are also amazingly intelligent, able to use tools and solve a variety of problems.

This captivating program uses pictures, brief video clips, and props to teach kids the basics about octopuses (anatomy, size, diet, habitat, predators) and to explore their intelligence and wide range of defenses (methods of camouflage, squirting ink, and jet propulsion).

Kids get to learn a new word, "chromatophore," and how the chromatophore works to change an octopus's skin color instantly. There's even a short song about the chromatophore.

Following the 20-minute interactive presentation, kids get up and participate in two hands-on activities that reinforce the concepts in the presentation.


Image of octopus with outspread tentacles