N.H. Sea Grant Development Funds

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When can I apply?

N.H. Sea Grant welcomes proposals for Program Development Funds at any time. Decisions regarding development funds are made on a discretionary basis by the N.H. Sea Grant Executive Committee and depend on available funds. 

Who can apply?

Faculty and researchers with principal investigator status at any institution of higher education and research in New Hampshire are eligible to receive Program Development Funds.

UNH faculty who are approved for N.H. Sea Grant Development Funds are required to submit a Yellow Sheet (Request for Internal Approval of Grant or Contract Application to External Sponsor) to the Sponsored Programs Administration. Investigators from other N.H. institutions must abide by their own sponsored research guidelines.

How much funding is available?

Awards typically range from $1000 to $7500 and only one development award per year is usually approved for a researcher. Total funds available during any one year generally range from $20-35K.

How can development funds be used?

Researchers are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas with Steve Jones (862.5124) or another member of the N.H. Sea Grant staff prior to application. A draft version of the letter proposal can be sent via e-mail to Steve Jones for preliminary review.

Appropriate uses for N.H. Sea Grant Development Funds, in order of priority with the first item given strongest preference for funding:

1. Research that will lead to and improve a full N.H. Sea Grant proposal. Please consult the 2014-2017 N.H. Sea Grant Strategic Plan for a description of program priorities and goals.

2. Research that will lead to additional or increased funding for the principal investigator from any extramural funding agency.

3. Funding for workshops and meetings that are led by New Hampshire marine researchers or are related to N.H. Sea Grant-funded research.

4. Travel to present the results of N.H. Sea Grant-funded research. However, please note that investigators are expected to request these funds in their full research proposals.

5. Development funds cannot be used to purchase equipment, defined as apparatus costing $5000 or more.

How do I apply?

Proposal letters should be prepared on letterhead stationery and should be no more than two pages in length. Letters must include:

1. Brief description of the work to be performed

2. List of project participants, with contact information

3. Rationale for seeking N.H. Sea Grant Development Funds based on the appropriate uses of funds listed above

4. Itemized budget and budget explanation (not included in page limit).

Submit your proposal electronically in Word or PDF to Steve Jones, Assistant Director for Research.

Contact information

Steve Jones
Assistant Director for Research
Jackson Estuarine Lab/UNH
Durham, NH  03824

Phone: 603.862.5124
Fax: 603.862.1101