Field Trips

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Coastal Floating Lab

Bring a small group of students (25-30) to a floating lab on a passenger vessel; bring a larger group (up to 110 students) to the floating lab at the UNH Pier in New Castle. At the UNH Pier, we add visits to the UNH Marine Research Lab, to the historic Portsmouth Lighthouse and a trip on the UNH research vessel. In each case, we will work with you to fit the program into your curriculum needs.

The trips take place in the spring and the fall.

Ocean Discovery DayTouch a horseshoe crab, drive a remotely operated vehicle, and map the ocean floor at the University of New Hampshire’s Ocean Discovery Day! Ocean Discovery Day provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Visitors can make a fish print, band a lobster, touch a horseshoe crab and see the plankton that form the base of the food chain in N.H.’s Great Bay. Watch a SCUBA diving demonstration to learn how UNH scientists conduct research below the waves, and learn more about marine snow and tern restoration at the Isles of Shoals.

Summer Cruises

Explore New Hampshire's beautiful Great Bay Estuary or Appledore Island at the Isles of Shoals with NH Sea Grant and UNH Cooperative Extension's Marine Docent volunteer guides. We offer two different types of cruises throughout the summer. Both cruises give you a unique learing experience and a deeper appreciation for our Seacoast.

Family Boat BuildingBuild the beautiful Oyster River Cat with your family over three days with our UNH Marine Docents as your guides. The Family Boat Building Program is grounded in the belief that a family will bond and grow together by completing a grand project together. The program is held once a year in May in Durham, NH.

student pouring water for testing
students viewing a crab
student dissecting squid
students viewing rocky shore creatures
View of the water from Celia Thaxter's Garden
Young boy building the Oyster River Cat