Current Projects

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Coastal Research Volunteers are passionate about science and stewardship on the New Hampshire coast. Click the images below to learn about our current endeavors and how you can get involved. We have some exciting opportunities in the works for 2017, so check back often and sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Photograph of two volunteers collecting a beach profile on the beach at low tide in winter clothing. Link to Beach Profiling webpage.

Photograph of a volunteer planting dune grass. Link to Dune Restoration and Research webpage.

Close-up photo of an American eel on someone's hand. Link to Eel Monitoring webpage.

Photograph of three volunteers collecting oysters from an oyster cage. Link to Oyster Restoration webpage.


Close-up photograph of a picture post looking over a section of shoreline. Link to Picture Post Monitoring webpage. Photograph of volunteers monitoring rockweed on a rocky shoreline in winter clothing. Link to Rockweed Phenology webpage.
Close-up photo of a horseshoe crab on a beach. Link to Spawning Horseshoe Crab Survey webpage.

Photograph of several volunteers working in a stream in summertime. Link to Stream Health webpage.