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"More than sand between my toes"
Audience: Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Adult

Program Summary

The sandy beach environment is introduced to the audience through a series of images of sand, waves, tides, animals, and a definition of a beach. The emphasis, science and depth of the discussion increases with the age of the audience.

Elementary School activities

  • Animals found at the beach
  • Survival utilizing debris that might wash up on the beach
  • Digging for objects found on the beach

Middle School through adult activities

  • Wave formation
  • Components of sand
  • Beaches of New Hampshire
  • Sands of the world

Take away concepts

  • How beaches are formed and the variations of sand that exist within a beach
  • How beaches respond to natural forces and what influences the coastline
  • How organisms that inhabit the beach survive
  • How plants and animals adapt to the beach environment
  • How human activity impacts beaches
  • How we can enjoy beaches and help protect them