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Tools & Supplies Provided by Participant

The tools needed are usually found in every home tool box. If you are missing some and can't borrow or purchase them please let us know. We may be able to arrange for you to borrow tools from the Docents. A sharp box plane is especially useful. If you only have a large plane, or it has seen better days, a new box plane can be purchased for less than $20.

Please make every effort to bring all the tools and supplies.  Not having the right tools and supplies will only slow the process and you need all the time available.

Basic Tools Needed

 Electric drill (preferably cordless)
 Countersink
 Sander (hand block, orbital or belt sander) and sandpaper
 Hammer
 Pliers
 Chisels
 Screwdrivers (Phillips and straight)
 Low angle block plane
 Hand saw
 Saber saw (electric)
 Spirit level
 Files (course and fine)
 3 lb. sledge, 10" handle for use as bucking iron
 Heavy duty extension cord
 Tape measure
 Tri-square
 Compass with pencil
 Clamps, 6" bar type and/or 6" C-type (qty 6 each)
 Putty knife or disposable spatula (for applying glue)
 Pencils
 Level (4' or various lengths)
 Awl

Optional Tools

 Sliding bevel gauge (hardware version is fine)
 Wood rasp


 Safety glasses
 Earplugs
 Gloves for handling wood
 Rubber gloves for work with glue
 Scraper
 Paper towels
 Cotton rags (old T-shirts)
 Cleaning solvent (e.g., turpentine)
 Japanese saw
 Wear old clothes

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