Virtual Cruises

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An Armchair Cruise around Portsmouth Harbor

A Virtual boat cruise around Portsmouth Harbor, we will see the sights along the shore and the harbor islands. We will also see and hear about their historical predecessors. This harbor has been a vital and varied seaport for almost 380 years.

Time: 50 minutes
Customization: Can be tailored to a specific audience


A sailing cruise through the Caribbean and the canal.

Derived from a cruise on the four-masted barquentine, sailing from St. Maarten and the Windward Islands, the islands of Venezuela, the Netherlands Antilles, Cartagena, San Blas, and through the Panama Canal. the Star Clipper is a full-fledged square-rigged sailing vessel, but a cruise ship as well. The sail in the January winds was a down-wind two-week romp.

Customization: 1) One 50-minute session, concentrates on the on-board sailing experience. 2) 1.5 hours includes on-board sailing experience and shore excursions and activities. This format would provide a break in the middle.

Portsmouth Harbor

Waterways to the West

An armchair cruise on the Hudson River, the Erie Canal and the St. Lawrence Seaway

Discover the waterway routes used for centureies to connect the seacoast to the interior. We travel the East and Hudson Rivers, the Erie and Oswego canals, the Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence Seaway and to Montreal and Quebec City. Much of the historical background of these areas is illustrated, the importance of the water routes, and the old an dnewer threats to the system. This talk is based on a two-week transit by small cruise vessel.

Customization: Fits into a two-hour format with a break in the middle. Could be presented in two sessions.