Sight Seeing

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The Seacoast Science Center - A Jewel of the Seacoast

Describes the development and current programs and attractions of the Seacoast Science Center on the coast of Rye, NH

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: 45 minutes to one hour
Customization: Can be tailored in duration and content to the target audience. 

An Armchair Cruise around Portsmouth Harbor

A Virtual boat cruise around Portsmouth Harbor, we will see the sights along the shore and the harbor islands. We will also see and hear about their historical predecessors. This harbor has been a vital and varied seaport for almost 380 years.

Time: 50 minutes
Customization: Can be tailored to a specific audience

What's so Great about the Great Bay?

Learn the geography of the Great Bay, the definition of an estuary, the Bay's flora and fauna and how man has changed things. 

Time: 50-minute talk

View from the Seacoast Science Center

View from the Seacoast Science Center

The Piscataqua Estuary - A Virtual Cruise through History

An  "armchair cruise" through the harbor and up the rivers of the estuary, looking at the surrounds as seen from the water and folding in much historical imagery illustrating what had gone on during the over 350 years of our occupancy. 

Time: 2-hour with a break in the middle
Customization: Could be presented in two sessions, perhaps on two separate days.

Great Bay, New Hampshire's Hidden Treasure

Explore the past historical events, the present and the future, along with some of the natural history of the Great Bay region.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: One-hour
Customization: may be abbreviated to 45 minutes if there is a time constraint.

Up River with the Flood Tide

A pictoral virtual tour up the river, into the bay and to the head-of-tide on some of our seven tributary rivers. Look along the river banks, at the present day activities and the historical industry and commerce miles upstream for hundreds of years. Learn about rivers that run backwards, and skinny rivers - both below and above.

Time: One-hour talk