Fisheries Projects

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Explore our funded research projects and development projects related to enabling fisheries to catch abundant species while avoiding overfished stocks, sell what they can catch at a fair price, and improve fisheries science and management strategies.

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Common tern standing on a wooden post with an island tern colony in the background

Seabirds as indicators of New Hampshire's fisheries 

Elizabeth Craig
University of New Hampshire, Shoals Marine Lab
2020 – 2021

A school of Rainbow Smelt in a river

Value of estuaries to rainbow smelt in New Hampshire 

Nathan Furey
University of New Hampshire
2020 – 2021

Two Jonah crabs held by hands inside a research facility

Evaluating growth and sustainable harvesting practices for Jonah crabs in New England waters 

Joshua Carloni
University of New Hampshire
2018 – 2019

Evaluating biological stock structure of Atlantic cod to inform fishery management 

Adrienne Kovach
University of New Hampshire
2016 – 2017

Gene expression during development of clam leukemia 

Charles Walker
University of New Hampshire
2014 – 2015

Alewife culture and population monitoring 

David Berlinsky
University of New Hampshire
2012 – 2013

Recruitment and retention of lobsters in a New England estuary 

Win Watson
University of New Hampshire
2012 – 2013