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Experimental Uses of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
Feasibility of the Development of Aquaculture in the State of New Hampshire: A Case Study of the Sea Scallop, Placopecten magellanicus
Feasibility of Urchin Aquaculture in a Cage System
Flowmeter: A Hand Crafted Surface Current Measurement Device
Fog Horn
Harbor Security System


Field Analysis of the Behavioral and Ecological Factors Determining Lobster Catchability and Trap Saturation
Field Collections for Joint Nori Cultivation Project
Field Determination of Common Habitat Requirements for State-Listed Rare Estuarine Plants of Great Bay Estuary
Flexing Mussels: does Mytilus edulis have the capacity to overcome effects of ocean acidification? (Regional)
Gene Expression During Development of Clam Leukemia: Interactive effects of temperature and ocean acidification on viral loading and onset of disease
Generating Triploid Green Sea Urchins for Aquaculture in Near Shore Lease-Sites in the Northeastern United States
Genetic and Phenotypic Response of Larval American Lobster to Ocean Warming and Acidification across New England's Steep Thermal Gradient (Regional)
Genetic Engineering of Seaweeds
Genetic Improvement of Summer Flounder Broodstock
Genetic Structure of Fishery-Impacted Species in the Northwest Atlantic
GIS-based Maps of the Lamprey River Watershed
Governance Role of Local Authorities in Marine Spatial Planning: a Legal Assessment of Prospects and Problems (Regional)


Fisheries Resources: Commercial Fisheries (2002-2013)
Fisheries Resources: Sustainable Aquaculture (2002-2013)