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Does Sperm Limitation Take Place in the American Lobster Fishery and, if so, why?
Ecological Effects and Coastal Zone Management Implications of Recently Discovered New England Populations of Two Fast-Growing Asian Seaweeds, Porphyra yezoensis Ueda and Porphyra katadae Miura
Economic Valuation of Beach Erosion Control and Benefit Transfers
Effects of Mercury on a Globally Threatened Salt Marsh Specialist: Indicator of Salt Marsh Ecosystem Health
Effects of Nori Aquaculture on the Marine Flora of Cobscook Bay and Selected Sites Within the Gulf of Maine
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Mussels: A Transcriptomic Approach Using Next Generation Sequencing
Effects of Salinity on the Oxygen Consumption Rate of Juvenile Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) in the Laboratory
Enhancing the Rapidly Emerging Oyster (Crassotrea virginica) Aquaculture Industry in New Hampshire
Environmental Controls on Shrimp Recruitment Dynamics
Environmental History of the Gulf of Maine (History of Marine Animal Populations)
Establishing Baseline Socioeconomic Indicators and Social Impact Analysis for the New Hampshire Commercial Ground Fishing Community
Establishing Historic Baselines and Time Series for Rebuilding Anadromous Fish Populations and Coastal Marine Ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine
Evaluating Biological Stock Structure of Atlantic Cod to Inform Industry Fishery Management
Evaluation of Gonad Taste and Color Using Defined Commercial Diets for the Aquaculture of the Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
Examining Leadership for Sustainable Development in a Transitioning Maine Fishing Community


Drop Camera: in search of the lost whaling fleet
Effects of Scale on Model Wind Turbines
Evaluation and Characterization of Fluid Dynamics in an Annular Flume


Education (2014-2017)
Enhancing Sea Grant's Ability to Help Coastal Communities Adapt to Climate Change (2010-2011)