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Developing a Device to Improve Discard Mortality in the Gulf of Maine Recreational Groundfish Fishery: the BaroSafe System
Developing a Second High Quality Crop for the Northeastern Green Sea Urchin Using Land-Based Aquaculture
Developing Genomic Tools for Identifying Atlantic Cod Population Structure and Management Units
Developing Indices Necessary for Predicting Commercial Catches of the American Lobster, Homarus Americanus
Developing Microsatellites for the Pest Flatworms
Development of a Commercially Viable Cod and Haddock Aquaculture Industry in New England
Development of a General Protocol for Characterizing Subtidal Oyster Reefs Using Remote Sensing Techniques
Development of a Hatchery System for Sea Urchins in the Gulf of Maine
Development of a Macroalgae Monitoring Protocol with Pilot Study for the Great Bay Estuary, N.H.
Development of a Sustainable Urchin Fishery in the Gulf of Maine
Development of Guidelines for Using Bioextraction Technologies to Manage Nutrients in New Hampshire's Estuarine Waters
Development of Multi-beam Sonar as a Fisheries Tool for Stock Assessment and the Identification of Essential Habitat of Atlantic Cod
Development of Seaweed Culture System Technologies to Support Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture and Sea Vegetable Aquaculture in New England Coastal Waters
Discrimination of Point and Nonpoint Sources of Metal Contamination in the Coastal Zone by Isotopic Analysis
Distribution and Migration of the Ocean Sunfish, Mola mola, in the North Atlantic
Diversifying the New England Sea Vegetable Aquaculture Industry: Modification of kelp nursery and grow-out technology for nori production


Developing Hydrokinetic Wingtip Devices
Development of a 10kW Wind Turbine Buoy - Floating Offshore Wind Energy (FLOWE)
Development of a Polyculture System
Directional Flow Tank