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Brian E. Doyle Undergraduate Marine Science Fellowship
Buoyless Lobster Trap
Cohesive Incipient Motion


Buy Out or Build Back? A comparative assessment of approaches to employing public funding to vulnerable coastal properties in the Northeastern United States (Regional)
Calibrating Lobster Ventless Trap and Standard Trap Surveys to Optimize Measurements of Lobster Abundance
Capitalizing on Digital Tools to Expand Environmental Literacy Around Coastal Resources
Characterization of Fecal DNA Sources along a College Brook Transect
Characterizing Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Nursery Areas Using Otolith Microstructure and Microchemical Techniques
Climate Adaptation for Road Infrastructure in Coastal New Hampshire
Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Service Resilience in Northeast Coastal Communities: Quantifying Economic Values and Tradeoffs for Regional Decision Support (Regional)
Coastal Hazards and Northeast Housing Values: Comparative implications for climate change adaptation and community resilience (Regional)
Collaborative Research Visioning Project
Construction of a Double-Net Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture Raft for Steelhead Trout and Blue Mussel Aquaculture
Coupling Amino Acid Requirements and Strong Sensory Evaluations in the Development of Formulated Feeds Specifically for the Northeastern Green Sea Urchin


Climate Adaptation (2014-2017)
Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (2012-2013)
Coastal Communities (2014-2017)
Coastal Community Development (2002-2013)
Coastal Ecosystem Health and Communities (2014-2017)
Collaborative Research Visioning Project