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Analysis and Communications of Flood Damage Cost Avoidance in the Lamprey River Watershed of New Hampshire
Analysis of Benthic Meiofauna Communities Using 454 Pyrosequencing
Analyzing 19th Century Fisheries Records to Determine the Historical Abundance and Distribution of Gulf of Maine Cod
Aquaculture Cage Design Website
Aquatic Invasive Species Research: Tracking Origins, Examining Population Structure and Economic Impact of the Invasive Green Alga Codium fragile in the Northwest Atlantic
Assessing Chemical Recognition of an Invasive Crab Predator through Biogeographic Comparisons among Native, Molluscan Prey
Assessing the Diversity, Distribution and Abundance of New Shrimp Invasions in the Northeast United States (Regional)
Assessing the Effects of Capture Stress on the Induction of Tissue-degrading Enzyme Activity in Skeletal Muscle of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)
Assessing the Feasibility of Winter Flounder (Pleuronectes americanus) Stock Enhancement
Assessment of Arsenic Speciation and Exposure in Seaweed Products from New England
Assessment of Coastal Residents' Attitudes Towards Marine Aquaculture and an Evaluation of the Effects of Balanced Information Using Two Communication Channels
A Microplastics Survey of New Hampshire Beaches: A Citizen Science Pilot Study
Biomedical Bleeding-induced Deficits in the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus


Apparatus to Capture Stoloteuthis leucoptera
Asteroid Modeling and Prediction
Automated X-Y Positioning System
Autonomous Surface Vehicle (2014)
Autonomous Surface Vehicles (2015)
Bottom Drag Meter: Design & Construction of an Instrument to Allow for Comparison Measurements of Shear Stress on Sediments Resulting From the Propagation of Waves Produced By Jet Skis
Bow for Improved Oil Collection