Sustainable Marine Fisheries Course at Shoals Marine Laboratory

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Erik Chapman N.H. Sea Grant Principal Investigator

2015 Accomplishment

N.H. fisheries specialist teaches innovative sustainable fisheries course, helps form fisheries and aquaculture club

A N.H. Sea Grant extension specialist developed and taught a unique undergraduate course on sustainable marine fisheries that provides an innovative, experience-based learning experience where students are taught by fishermen, NOAA scientists and managers, and also helped form a sustainable fisheries and aquaculture club for undergraduates whose members take part in experiential learning opportunities with fisheries and aquaculture researchers and industry members.
Relevance: Undergraduates have limited opportunities to learn about the many dimensions involved in the search for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.
Response: A N.H. fisheries extension specialist developed and taught an innovative course in 2015 at Shoals Marine Lab, an undergraduate-focused marine laboratory located on one of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Maine and N.H. The course introduces undergraduates to at-sea experiences with four different types of fishermen while also giving them the opportunity to learn from NOAA fisheries scientists, managers, Fisheries Management Council staff, aquaculture specialists and seafood marketers. Separately, the fisheries extension specialist helped form and currently advises an undergraduate sustainable fisheries and aquaculture club that pairs interested students with research and industry-based experiential opportunities for learning in both fisheries- and aquaculture-related programs.
Results: Four undergraduates took the four credit course at Shoals Marine Lab and 35 undergraduates have joined the University of New Hampshire Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Club. Among students from the Shoals Marine Lab course, one student has since been accepted to UNH's graduate program in Marine Biology and a second was instrumental in forming the UNH Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Club. Members of the club have participated in five different projects led by UNH researchers conducting fisheries and aquaculture research.