Quantifying the Range Expansion and Impacts of the European Green Crab

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Coastal Ecosystem and Public Health


Edwin Grosholz UNH - Department of Biological Sciences Principal Investigator

1) To assess the current abundance and distribution of the nonindigenous European green crab in selected coastal habitats along the western coast of the United States.

2) To monitor the ongoing range expansion of the green crab along the western coast of the United States with regular monitoring of selected sites between Tijuana Slough, California, and Padilla Bay, Washington.

3) To estimate the abundance of targeted invertebrate populations known to be reduced by green crab predation.


The methods will involve coordinated sampling and monitoring of targeted prey taxa at selected sites and monitoring the green crab population at multiple sampling sites within and beyond its current range.


This information will provide crucial information for assessing the potential threat of the nonindigenous European green crab to coastal habitats in the western United States and for developing appropriate management and containment strategies.