N.H. Sea Grant Program Management (2014-2017)

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Jonathan Pennock N.H. Sea Grant Director
Stephen Jones N.H. Sea Grant Associate Director and Asst Director for Research

The guiding philosophy for New Hampshire Sea Grant is to serve our constituency by supporting innovative and cutting-edge research integrated with expert extension outreach and education to foster dialog and science-based decision-making in areas of particular importance to our region. In achieving these goals, NHSG has established itself as a leader in developing solutions to critical issues, providing unbiased information and expertise rather than advocating for any one particular solution. In fact, one of the unique roles of Sea Grant lies in our ability to bring together diverse solutions to difficult problems. This role is particularly germane today because of the importance of using, protecting and preserving marine ecosystems and because of increasing politicization of issues surrounding marine resources.


The principle thrusts of the New Hampshire Sea Grant program are:

  • To focus the program on priority concerns of the northern New England coastal ocean constituency.
  • To execute the functional and operational responsibilities of the program in a manner consistent with the NOAA Office of Sea Grant objectives.
  • To maintain close liaison with the region's research community so that their talents can be applied to priority cocerns in a manner consistent with professional growth, and wise use and understanding of our northern New England marine resources.
  • To maintain liaison with state agencies, industrial and business interests, and community organizations in order to understand their needs and goals and to integrate them into the program.
  • To foster new program initiatives in response to the priority needs of the region and ensure a progressive, dynamic program.

To focus our Strategic Plan and program resources on the primary concerns of our northern New England ocean constituency, NHSG staff maintain close liaisons with key government agency, industry and business, community, and research partners through extension, outreach, participation in regional meetings, and indivudual interactions. We maintain an active and engaged Policy Advisory Committee that represents the long-term and emerging needs of the state and region, and use their advice to ensure a progressive, dynamic program. The program directors are attuned to NOAA Office of Sea Grant objectives and requirements and engage the full staff in executing functional and oeprational responsibilities in a timely fashion.


Management will provide the program directions necessary to achieve the objectives stated above. The information and communication necessary to execute those objectives will be shared, as appropriate, with the principal investigators, the Sea Grant network throughout the U.S., and the National Sea Grant office.



N.H. Sea Grant 2015-17 Program Guide highlights research and extension activities
N.H. Sea Grant produced the four-page 2015-17 NHSG Program Guide to provide an overview of its mission and focus areas. The guide, produced in 2014, is brief, photo-heavy and intended to be user-friendly and engaging. The reader is encouraged to access additional information on the N.H. Sea Grant website and social media platforms. This publication is distributed electronically to stakeholders, researchers and congressional staffers to improve visibility of N.H. Sea Grant and emphasize the impact the program is having on the region. The Program Guide also serves to anchor various information sheets that detail activities related to N.H. Sea Grant’s four focus areas.

Information sheets provide details on N.H. Sea Grant activities
Communications produced information sheets on several aspects of the program: N.H. Sea Grant’s Coastal Research Volunteers, the program’s 2014-15 research projects, NHSG’s aquaculture activities, and marketing locally caught seafood. Used with and graphically linked to the NHSG Program Guide, these information sheets provide details about specific aspects of the program, details that can’t be included in the guide due to space limitations.

N.H. Sea Grant initiates research symposium
On a snowy winter day in January of 2015, N.H. Sea Grant hosted its first research symposium. The event was designed to help strengthen the sense of community and integration among NHSG researchers, extension and education staff, students and funded project partners. The half-day event provided an opportunity to highlight recently funded NHSG research being carried out as well as emphasize the hallmark of Sea Grant-funded work as responsive, relevant, integrated and engaged. Over 70 participants watched short presentations about how NHSG addresses pressing issues with cross-disciplinary science, education and engagement, and had a chance to network with others interested and invested in the work. Feedback from the event was very positive, especially for exposing the high degree of relevancy and applicability of Sea Grant-funded projects. NHSG anticipates hosting the event regularly in conjunction with its research funding cycles.

N.H. Sea Grant renews its partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension
For decades, N.H. Sea Grant has enjoyed a formal partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension that has been guided by a memorandum of understanding between the two UNH-based organizations. Due to significant changes in organizational structure at both Sea Grant and Cooperative Extension over the last seven years, the need to revisit and revise the MOU surfaced. During the summer of 2014, leadership in both organizations collaboratively reviewed and updated the MOU to reflect the current and anticipated relationship. It was shared with a national Sea Grant audience during a 2014 Sea Grant Week session about Sea Grant/Cooperative Extension partnerships. The simple and flexible, yet unambiguous, guidelines have been recognized as a potential model for other programs, and the MOU was held up as a “best practice” by N.H. Sea Grant’s site review team in the spring of 2015.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant

Program Guide

  • New Hampshire Sea Grant 2015-17 Program Guide

Strategic Plan

  • New Hampshire Sea Grant Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

Information Sheet

  • New Hampshire Sea Grant 2014-15 research projects (2014). Steve Adams.
  • New Hampshire Sea Grant Ocean Discovery Day (2015). Colin MacNamee, Celina Wilt and Noah Goldstein.