2010 Northeast Regional Social Science Symposium

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Rachel Gallant Feeney Northeast Consortium Principal Investigator
Ken La Valley UNH - Cooperative Extension Co-Principal Investigator
The 2010 Northeast Regional Social Science Symposium was held at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., on April 12. The symposium was convened by N.H. Sea Grant and the Northeast Consortium as a forum to discuss the status of social science data collection and use in the management of marine fisheries, and how current gaps in social science data might be filled to better manage fisheries.
More than 120 fisheries stakeholders attended, including commercial fishermen, government and academic scientists, students, fishery managers, politicians, non-governmental organization staff, and others. Participants came from ten states; 26% were from New Hampshire. Audio recordings of symposium talks were made and have been posted to the Websites of the Northeast Consortium and UNH Cooperative Extension.
A proceedings document has been produced. It has been posted to the aforementioned websites and 500 copies are being printed; about 350 copies will be mailed to attendees and other stakeholders, likely by the end of September. The remainder are being kept for distribution at future events and trade shows.
As outlined in the proceedings report, several recommendations were made during the course of the Symposium on improving the collection and application of fisheries social science data. These take-away messages can be grouped into the following theme areas: data needs, utilization of data, fisheries economics, learning from previous examples, the role of people and organizations, and issues related to the advent of catch share management in New England.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant


  • 2010 Northeast Regional Social Science Symposium (2010). Rachel Gallant Feeney and Ken La Valley.