Ultrasonic Tracking of Oil

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Project Type: 

Students Involved:

Aristomenis Kavvathas UNH - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Abdulaziz Hamadah UNH - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Megan Motta UNH - Department of Natural Resources & the Environment

Faculty Advisors:

Kenneth Baldwin UNH - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lloyd Huff UNH - Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping

Current oil cleanup techniques are conducted at the ocean surface and disregard sinking oil and oil aggregates. Presently, there are no data involving ultrasonic tracking of oil within the water column. Research was conducted to find the required data by using acoustic measurements. A system was developed that allows the measurements of the specific acoustic impedance of oil as a function of its temperature and the acoustic frequency. The testing apparatus consisted of a fabricated chamber, testing tank, ice bath and pumping unit. The acoustic data obtained were at a satisfactory level, providing the necessary basis for further study and research.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant


  • Ultrasonic tracking of oil (2004). Aristomenis Kavvathas, Abdulaziz Hamadah and Megan Motta. Advisors: Kenneth Baldwin and Lloyd Huff.
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