Self Powered Urchin Growth System: A Feasibility Study of an Independent, In-water Growth Raceway for Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis to Enhance Wild Stocks

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Project Type: 

Students Involved:

Laura Marshall UNH - Department of Civil Engineering
Seung Suk UNH - Department of Biological Sciences
Brian Sullivan UNH - Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty Advisors:

Larry Harris UNH - Department of Biological Sciences

Stock enhancement of the green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, has become an area of greatly increased interest due to the currently diminishing wild population and natural recruitment. While the Japanese have an extensive urchin stock enhancement program, their system is not readily adaptable to use in the Gulf of Maine, in part due to high amounts of labor and resources required. A more cost effective floating raft juvenile grow out system was designed and built using a fiberglass-like material formed into a raceway to provide a controlled temperature, saline and nutrient filled unit. One of the most important aspects of this design is the ability for it to become independent of land-based power sources, thereby utilizing the limited amount of coastal space found in the Northeast.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant


  • S.P.U.G.S.: Self Powered Urchin Growth System (2000). Laura Marshall, Seung Suk and Brian Sullivan. Advisor: Larry Harris.