Oyster Thief: Tracking the origins of invasive Codium fragile spp. tomentosoides populations in the Northwest Atlantic using molecular biology tools

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Students Involved:

Jillian Lynch UNH - Department of Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences
Ian Patten University of New Hampshire

Faculty Advisors:

Anita Klein UNH - Department of Biological Sciences

Codium fragile spp. tomentosoides is an Asiatic coenocytic green algae that has become one of the most invasive macroalgal species in temperate regions worldwide (Trowbridge, 1999). This study combines an ecological evaluation of the recent spread of this species with a molecular genetic analysis of several samples from different geographical areas. PCR based genetic markers were developed in this study to trace source populations of the invasive green algae that is rapidly increasing throughout the Northwest Atlantic coastline. These genetic markers will be used to differentiate between new introductions caused by synanthropic activities and natural dispersal mechanisms in existing populations of Codium fragile.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant


  • Oyster Thief - Tracking the origins of invasive "Codium fragile" spp. "Tomentosoides" populations in the Northwest Atlantic using molecular biology tools (2004). Jillian Lynch and Ian Patten. Advisor: Anita Klein.
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