Apparatus to Capture Stoloteuthis leucoptera

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Project Type: 

Students Involved:

John Ahern UNH - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Toshi Yuta UNH - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisors:

Gabriela Martinez UNH - Department of Biological Sciences

Stoloteuthis leucoptera is a small, bioluminescent squid that lives in water deeper than 400 feet in the Gulf of Maine. Little is known about how or why this squid creates luminescence or how it develops. The project team was commissioned to design, build and test a trap to catch Stoloteuthis leucoptera. The trap was built with a stiff wire frame, clear acrylic walls and a light source as bait. Although the trap did not catch any squid during the initial test, minor modifications will enable the trap to function as intended. The deep water mooring system proved to be extremely robust, surviving a severe storm with high winds and 25 foot waves with no damage or relocation.


Available from the National Sea Grant Library (use NHU number to search) or NH Sea Grant


  • Apparatus to capture "Stoloteuthis leucoptera" (2001). John Ahern and Toshi Yuta. Advisor: Gabriela Martinez.