Project Results

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The Coastal Research Volunteers are a critical resource for attaining coastal research and monitoring goals. This page provides results of our volunteers' efforts. Check back often as we will be updating this page with project results as soon as they are available.

Photograph of a volunteer taking a picture using a smartphone and a picture post. Caption reads "2017: Picture Posts."

Photograph of volunteers collecting beach profile data. Caption reads "2016: Beach Profiling." Close-up photograph of a volunteer's hands holding rockweed. Caption reads "2015-2017: Rockweed Phenology" Photograph of oysters in a cage on a dock near water. Caption reads "2012-2016 Oyster Restoration."

Photograph of a volunteer planting beachgrass on a dune. Caption reads "2012-2016 Dune Restoration and Research."

Photograph of an eel in a volunteer's hand near a ruler and bucket of water. Caption reads "2012-2016 Eel Monitoring." Close-up photograph of a horseshoe crab in a volunteer's hand. Caption reads "2012-2016 Horseshoe Crab Spawning Surveys." Photograph of two volunteers holding plants to be used for streambank restoration. Caption reads "2016: Streambank Restoration."

Photograph of volunteers measuring fish. Caption reads "2015 Lubberland Creek Fish Surveys."

Photograph of a flooded parking lot. Caption reads "2012: Stormwater Monitoring."