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The Coastal Research Volunteers are a critical resource for attaining coastal research and monitoring goals. This page provides results of our volunteers' efforts. Check back often as we will be updating this page with project results as soon as they are available.

Ongoing Projects

Volunteer takes a photo of a salt marsh using a picture post in early spring.
Picture Posts. Volunteers have collected over 100 repeat photographs at two local salt marshes to contribute to a study of change over time in salt marshes. Data are being analyzed in cooperation with local middle school science classes. LEARN MORE


Two volunteers collect beach profile data on a cold spring day.
Beach Profiling. The NH Volunteer Beach Profile Monitoring Program has been running for one full pilot year and four months as a full program. Volunteers collect monthly beach profile data as well as post-storm profile data at twelve beach sites. LEARN MORE


A woman standing on the rocky shore holds up a piece of rockweed.
Rockweed Phenology.
Volunteers collect data several times throughout the reproductive season of rockweed, an common algae on the rocky shore. Data are analyzed by Dr. Jessie Muhlin at Maine Maritime Academy to better understand changes in the seasonal timing of this species. LEARN MORE


Two volunteers count oysters sitting outside by Great Bay.
Oyster Restoration. For several years, Coastal Research Volunteers have contributed to The Nature Conservancy's efforts to restore oyster reef in Great Bay. In 2017, TNC restored their 25th acre of oyster reef! LEARN MORE


Two volunteers hold buckets planting beachgrass.
Dune Restoration and Research
. Coastal Research Volunteers have worked with the UNH Coastal Habitat Restoration Team to plant hundreds of thousands of beachgrass stems to restore native dune habitat in coastal communities in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Restored dune habitat improves coastal resilience and provides habitat for coastal species. LEARN MORE


Two volunteers hold an American Eel in their hands.
Eel Migration Monitoring.
Since 2014, volunteers have counted and collected data on American Eels during their annual migration up the Oyster River in Durham. Volunteers have collected data on over 20,000 eels! NH Fish and Game use these data to manage the population of this species. LEARN MORE


Four horseshoe crabs are in shallow coastal water.
Horseshoe Crab Spawning Surveys. Volunteers conduct surveys on the population of Great Bay horseshoe crabs during their spring spawning season. These data are used by UNH researchers to better understand the size and distribution of the Great Bay population. LEARN MORE


NH Sea Grant biologist Gabby Bradt holds a green crab standing on the rocky coast.
Great Green Crab Hunts. Coastal Research Volunteers assist the NH Green Crab Project with surveying for molting green crabs. These data contribute to a study evaluating the feasibility of a commercial softshell fishery, which would help manage this invasive species. LEARN MORE


A group of Gulfwatch volunteers poses on the coast wearing rain gear.
Gulfwatch. Volunteers help collect blue mussels from several sites in coastal New Hampshire, which are analyzed to better understand levels of contamination in the water around the Gulf of Maine. This important monitoring project has been running for decades! LEARN MORE


Archived Projects

A volunteer uses water quality testing equipment next to a body of water.
Streambank Restoration (2016).
Coastal Research Volunteers assisted with the restoration of impaired streambank  along Cornelius Brook at the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club. Volunteers collected soil samples, created a pollinator meadow, revegetated impaired shoreline, and tested water quality. LEARN MORE


Lubberland Creek Fish Surveys (2015). Coastal Research Volunteers contributed nearly 100 hours of effort to survey the fish species upstream and downstream of a culvert in Lubberland Creek in Newmarket, NH. The data were used to develop a report on the creek's fish community and to make recommendations for the future management of Lubberland Creek. LEARN MORE


A group of volunteers poses near a culvert with stormwater monitoring equipment.
Stormwater Monitoring (2012). Volunteers sampled and analyzed runoff from certain stormwater discharges in Exeter and Greenland, NH, and performed education and outreach work related to stormwater management. LEARN MORE



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