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Three kids gather around a marine life touch tanks and hold sea urchins.

The Woodman Museum brought the Atlantic Ocean to Dover on Thursday during “Discover the Ocean...

Sunrise at sandy beach.

The 11th Beaches Conference put on by The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Maine Sea...

close up of eels on a hand

What’s the coolest job title you can think of? How about digital prophet, master of disaster, or...

Rocky coastline of N.H. with small choppy grey-blue waves slapping the rocks.

Run-ins with sharks are rare off the coast of New Hampshire, but new technology provides proof...

Man and woman receive award plaque from two men in suits.

Two of the Coastal Research Volunteers received the 2017 Gulf of Maine Council Award for their...

Flooded road next to flooded road sign.

You’ve heard of rising sea levels. But what about rising groundwater?

close-up of green seaweed

On a bright spring morning, there’s a stiff wind blowing across a stretch of rocky beach in Rye...

Students and teachers work to plant beachgrass to restore dunes.

Mother Nature is known to have a powerful influence on Plum Island, but fourth-graders from the...

Flooded road sign next to flooded road.

New Hampshire roads as far as two miles from the ocean are facing a new threat that can’t be...



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