UNH Marine Docent Program welcomes 28 new members

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28 people graduate training to become docents.

Above: The 2016 class of UNH Marine Docents. Photo by: Michael Sterling.

After almost nine months of training, a new class of UNH Marine Docents-In-Training officially "swam up" last week to become full-fledged Marine Docents. Congratulations to the new class of Docents:

Bob Andelman
Ken Andersen
Sharon Andrews
Jan Bilodeau
Denny Chasteen
Barbara Dion
Joy Downs
Robert Finney
Suzanne Fong
Barry Foster
Nan Foster
Claudia Gilmartin
Sarah Keller
Matt Killeen

Jane McIlvaine
Richard Minnick
Gary Mitchell
Marie Nickerson
Mike O’Keefe
Debra Page
Adele Pulitzer
Fred Pulitzer
Kelly Schutt
Steve Seabrook
Paula Sonnino
Judy Taylor
Alan Wilson
Jude Zelin

Volunteers earn special recognition for every five years of service with the UNH Marine Docent Program. The following individuals received recognition this year:

5 Years

Mary Crossley
Susan Dupuis
Beth Fischer
Lesley Gardner
Priscilla Hodgkins
David Hoyler
Jessie King
Vincent King
Jan Olmstead

Michael O’Sullivan
Jim Pollard
Amy Richards
Ellenmarie Rogers
Eric Schroeder
Michael Shea
Frank Stewart
Stephanie Stewart
Diana Yeames

10 Years

Linda Bieber
Dave Gibson
Lorne Parnell
Mimi Sokol 

15 Years

Ann Beattie
Ray Belles
Lindsay Carroll
Edmund Chun Taite

Ginger Hedges
Jack McDonough
Carol Riehlman

20 Years

Sue Bowman
Nancy Cauvet
Bob Hughes

Ellen Kingsbury
Herb Kingsbury
Joyce Marshall
Martha Philbrick

30 + Years

Sylvia Jones
Ann Reid 

Rebecca Zeiber, N.H. Sea Grant Science Writer