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Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 2:30pm


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The current COVID-19 crisis has created a particularly challenging time for everyone in the commercial and recreational fishing industry in New Hampshire and elsewhere. At NH Sea Grant Extension, our Fisheries and Aquaculture Team has been connecting with stakeholders to understand the particular challenges they are facing, and to consider ways that we can help. Based on feedback from the industry, we have developed a resource webpage that provides information and guidance in two areas: financial assistance and health & well-being. Information and guidance in a third area, alternative seafood marketing, is under development.


The resource page provides general information and downloadable documents that can be printed and distributed. For the financial assistance section, we have posted a list of people/organizations who may be able to provide more detailed guidance and help with economic relief opportunities and applications – we do not have the knowledge or capacity at NH Sea Grant to provide detailed guidance for these resources, so we encourage you to refer to the contact list. We also will provide a list of webinars that may be helpful as fishing and seafood industry members navigate the federal and state financial assistance process. 

We encourage provide feedback on the site either directly by email, or using the ‘feedback’ button on the resource page.

Please help us share this new site with your contacts and network! The direct URL is Thank you!

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