Celebrating National Oyster Day!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 1:00pm

--freshly shucked oyster being held above a cutting board


August 5th is National Oyster Day, and New Hampshire has a lot to celebrate when it comes to oysters!


The tradition of eating, growing, and harvesting oysters in New Hampshire dates back thousands of years, and today there is a fast-growing, sustainable aquaculture industry providing local, high-quality oysters directly to consumers, restaurants, and dealers. You can learn more about New Hampshire's oyster aquaculture industry here!

NH Oyster Aquaculture Facts

Interested in getting some oysters for yourself to celebrate National Oyster Day? Use our Local Seafood Finder to connect with shellfish growers, fishermen, and seafood markets near you. Select the 'Oysters' tab to jump to the section featuring local oyster farmers in New Hampshire. 

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Bought oysters but not sure what to do next? You can use our Oyster Shucking Guide to learn how to open fresh oysters to be eaten raw on-the-half-shell. It's easier than you think – give it a try!

Learn to shuck

shucking an oyster with an oyster shucking knife over a cutting board


Looking for other oyster recipes? Check out the National Sea Grant Office's collection of oyster recipes from around the country:
"10 Ways to Enjoy Oysters in Celebration of National Oyster Day."

Get cooking

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Tim Briggs, NH Sea Grant Science Communication Specialist