2015 class of UNH Marine Docents "swam up"

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After almost nine months of training, a new class of UNH Marine Docents-In-Training officially "swam up" last week to become full-fledged Marine Docents.

Congratulations to the 2015 class of Docents:

Sandra Bisset
Alex Bonica
Pat Brittan
Michael Brittan
Rick Cliche
Susan DeVito
Skip DeVito
David Drucker
Linda Ferrara
Barbara Hughes
Debra Kam
Sally Mack
Bob Martin
Barbara McGaughey
Brad Pierce
Carole Renselaer
Meche Romoser
Susan Scott
Tom Wisbey 

We also awarded individuals who have provided exemplary service to the Docent program in leadership, innovation, dedication and active participation:
Joe Stieglitz, Sally Gayer, Bill Kath, Eric Schroeder, Beth Marsh, Lisa Robblee, Kathy Maxwell- Fitzgerald, Brian Fitzgerald, Nancy Cauvet, Ellen Kingsbury and Herb Kingsbury.

 Volunteers earn special recognition for every five years of service with us. The following received recognition this year:

5 Year
Jim Andrews
Warner Lord
Doug MacLennan
Sue MacLennan
Charlie Moakley
Tom Phillips
Karen Quintal
Jim Rock
Dean Rogers
Pat Shea
Lori Wyble 

10 Years
John Badger
Lynn Badger
Pat DeGrandpre
Nancy Donovan
Caroline Giles
Jane Harrington
Bev Hollingworth
Karen North
Bob Pollard
Pete Richardson
Lyn Rodger
Tod Rodger
Janis Sheldon
Terry Smith
Linda Tatarczuch 

15 Years
Nancy Alcock-Hood
Linda Coe
Jerry Goddard
Peg Goddard
Jennifer Lee
Diane Woods 

20 Years
Candace Dolan 

25 Years
Elizabeth Nielson