Marine Education

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At the Bridge, teachers will find a selection of the best online resources for marine science education. The Bridge provides educators with content-correct & content-current marine information and data, supports researchers in outreach efforts, and works to improve communications among educators and between the education and research communities.

Maryland Sea Grant

Maryland Sea Grant maintains a website with links to a tremendous amount of material for K-12, college and general marine education including Marine Science Education, Aquaria and Museums and Directories of Marine Education Sites.
Visit the Maryland Sea Grant Education Programs webpage.

Marine Careers

Interested in learning more about careers in marine biology and other marine sciences? If so, this site, sponsored by the National Sea Grant College program, will introduce you to those fields and to scientists in them. It will also provide information on salaries and links to additional resources.

National Marine Education Association

The National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) brings together those interested in the study and enjoyment of the world of water--both fresh and salt. Affiliated with the National Science Teachers Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, NMEA provides a valuable focus for marine and aquatic studies world-wide. We include professionals in: Education, Science, Business, Government, Museums, Aquariums and Marine Research.

Shoals Marine Laboratory

Operating under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire at Durham, the Shoals Marine Lab (SML) offers a unique opportunity for students to experience marine science. Located on 95-acre Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals in the Gulf of Maine, this near-pristine environment allows students to study many aspects of the intertidal and sub-tidal ecologies. The laboratory facilities on the island are complemented by the field capabilities of the SML-owned research vessel, John M. Kingsbury.