Marine Animals and Habitats

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Gulf of Maine Research Institute

A marine science center dedicated to educating children and the public about the oceans and aquatic environments everywhere. Learn about lobsters, turtles, sea plankton.

Mystic Aquarium

From the bizarre denizens of hydrothermal vent communities to the colorful fishes of a Pacific reef, the sea provides endless opportunities for exploring and learning. This website highlights some of the fascinating creatures and habitats that can be found beneath the waves of our Ocean Planet.

American Museum of Natural History

The Museum's exhibition halls house a stunning array of artifacts and specimens from all corners of the world and all historical periods. These illuminate the natural history of our planet and its myriad species, and bring the world's cultures to life. Explore the highlights of some of the Museum's permanent halls.

Hall of Ocean Life

The American Museum of Natural Histor exhibits the diversity of life in and near the water. It features a stunning replica of a 94-foot-long female Blue Whale, which is suspended overhead. The upper level of this duplex hall describes the biology of fishes and their relationships to their surrounding waters and other animals. In its lower level, it houses additional forms of life, particularly mammalian, that inhabit the seas.
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Hall of Biodiversity

The new Hall of Biodiversity displays one of the largest open dioramas in the world, featuring over 900 specimens. Visitors to the Museum follow a presentation of the Spectrum of Life, current trends of biodiversity loss, and what people in different regions of the planet are doing to reverse these trends.
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Prince Edward Island Fishery

The PEI fishery has played an integral role in the life of islanders since the earliest of times. This website has abundant information on marine biology, fishing and aquaculture.
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The Lobster Conservancy

The Lobster Conservancy is a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting and preserving the American lobster and the traditional trap fishery it supports through scientific research and public education. This website has extensive information on lobster biology.

Open Ocean Aquaculture

The University of New Hampshire Open Ocean Aquaculture Demonstration Project is a multi-year project that will provide a commercial-scale test site for applying the culture and grow-out protocols developed in research efforts. The project will also evaluate the economics of such operations.
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WhaleNet has an interactive educational web site that focuses on whales and marine research. The site offers students and teachers curriculum resources and support including a source of data and information for interdisciplinary classroom activities. WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation.

Aquaculture Education and Research Center

The primary focus of the Aquaculture Education and Research Center is to bring aquaculture projects into the classroom. AERC designs curriculum for students in Middle and High School on both the science and business aspects of aquaculture.