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Kim Reed receives 2016 CAW Climate Champion Award

Monday, May 23, 2016

Written By: Rebecca Zeiber, N.H. Sea Grant science writer

Kim Reed, the planning and zoning administrator for the Town of Rye, N.H., is the recipient of the 2016 Coastal Adaptation Workground (CAW) Climate Champion Award.

Reed received the award at the 2016 N.H. Climate Summit on May 13th in Greenland, N.H.  Chris Keeley, the communities and climate program coordinator for N.H. Sea Grant/UNH Cooperative Extension, presented Reed with the award and said a few words about her efforts to help the town of Rye become more resilient to challenges associated with climate change.

The CAW Climate Champion Award recognizes a group or individual working in our coastal region, often in conjunction with CAW members, to put climate-related research and outreach to work.

Man presents woman with award at climate summit.

Above: Chris Keeley presents Kim Reed with the 2016 CAW Climate Champion Award.

The individual who nominated Reed for the award noted that “she [Reed] is a true climate champion for the Town of Rye. Her professional work in climate change planning and adaptation is driven by her personal interest in the topic and strong belief that her community needs to be proactive in its approach to protect its coastal assets and resources.”

Reed has supported many local climate projects over the years, including:

  • A community workshop series to learn about and set priorities for climate change;
  • Enrolling her community in FEMA’s Community Rating System;
  • Preparing a new Coastal Hazards and Adaptation Chapter for the Master Plan;

Her nomination was supported by strong letters of recommendation.

  •  As evidence of her ability to catalyze action, one peer describes her as “the spark plug in the Town of Rye in bringing recognition to the need for climate adaptation action.”
  •  As evidence of her dedication, another peer writes, “She simply does not give up. When she encounters a challenge, she digs in harder and persists until an answer is found.”
  •  As evidence of her success, a colleague writes, “We are now seeing that work pay dividends as the information finds its way into town planning documents.”

In summary, Keeley noted that Reed "catalyzes action, she is dedicated, and she has shown success. She serves as a FEMA Certified Floodplain Manager, assistant Emergency Management Director, and the Planning & Zoning Administrator for the Town of Rye."

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