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Up River with the Flood Tide

A pictoral virtual tour up the river, into the bay and to the head-of-tide on some of our seven tributary rivers. Look along the river banks, at the present day activities and the historical industry and commerce miles upstream for hundreds of years. Learn about rivers that run backwards, and skinny rivers - both below and above.

Time: One-hour talk

The Piscataqua Estuary - A Virtual Cruise through History

An  "armchair cruise" through the harbor and up the rivers of the estuary, looking at the surrounds as seen from the water and folding in much historical imagery illustrating what had gone on during the over 350 years of our occupancy. 

Time: 2-hour with a break in the middle
Customization: Could be presented in two sessions, perhaps on two separate days.

The Vital Importance of Wood in Early NH

Wood was important in every part of colonial life. From the houses they lived in, the bowls and plates they ate from, the ships they built and sailed in, to the way goods were stored and transported, wood was the essential material. We will discuss how wood was obtained and moved, then processed into useful things like lumber, beams, ships, masts, etc. And it all started with Skid Row!

The Real Major General John Sullivan of Durham, NH

John Sullivan was a Major General in the Revolutionary War, and was elected Governor of NH three times. His Irish parents came to America as indentured servants. We will explore how the son oaf a very poor family rose to such prominence in military and political circles. He led a very active, and sometimes controversial, life full of twists and turns. How did he become much more famous in other states than right here in NH?

Appledore Island

Celia Thaxter's Garden on Appledore Island

Adams Point

Adams Point

John Paul Jones, The RANGER, and where she got her Cannon

A detective story of sorts, following the trail of letters, orders, and ledger book entries to confirm the source of RANGER's cannon in 1777 when these were in very short supply. The trail led to Nicholas Brown's Hope Furnace in Hope, RI. Includes the story of the iron-making "furnaces," the crash development of continental cannon making at the outset of the Revolutionary War, the later production by several key furnaces, and concludes with presentation of a half-scale 4-pounder patterned on a contemporary one found in Hope, RI.

Plants along the New Hampshire Seacoast

Learn the history and uses of the common plants brought here by the early New England colonists.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: One hour
Customization: May be expanded to 1.5 hours to include some additional basic botany for a better understanding of plants in general.

Great Bay, New Hampshire's Hidden Treasure

Explore the past historical events, the present and the future, along with some of the natural history of the Great Bay region.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: One-hour
Customization: may be abbreviated to 45 minutes if there is a time constraint.

School of Hard-Rocks

A study in basic geology enabling you to understand and identify how the various rock formations formed along the NH Seacoast.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time:One hour
Customization: Can be expanded to 1.5 hours to include some additional geological events such as The Ice Age and Continental Galciers.