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Family boat building workshop: A docent's perspective

Friday, May 20, 2016

Written By: Jeff Savage, UNH Marine Docent

As a Marine Officer, I've spent many years on the water and have a deep appreciation for the marine environment. In retirement, I've been able to become involved in volunteering. As a UNH Marine Docent I've enjoyed using my skills in certain areas of learning and instruction. 

The Family Boat Building Program is one of those areas where I've become increasingly involved and evermore interested in passing on some of the knowledge that I've attained over the years as a professional mariner. 

Elderly man stands in room with boat building supplies.

Above: UNH Marine Docent Jeff Savage helps to assemble the sailboat kits for the annual UNH Family Boat Building Workshop. 

Over the past two years I've been mainly involved behind the scenes in preparation for construction. Some of that includes helping to fabricate parts for the boats in our workshop and editing and creating new drawings for the manual. This year I'm looking forward to participating in the actual building of the Oyster River Cat helping families through the process and securing a place in the future of the program.

You can check out photos from the workshops and find out more info about the UNH Family Boat Building Workshop.

Family works together to build small sailboat.

Above: A family works together to build a small sailboat as part of the annual UNH Family Boat Building Workshop. 

Two people learn to sail small boat.

Above: Sailing lessons are included as part of the annual UNH Family Boat Building Workshop. 

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